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What do we do?

About Us

We provide support and training to small businesses and start-ups. Keeping Independent Businesses Strong

Our Aims

  • We are a non profit membership organisation and aim to:
    • represent member’s interests to relevant government and quasi government organisations
    • offer members networking and other events where they can meet other members and people of interest
    • secure value added or discounted benefits for members.

Our Values

  • Values
  • Our values are simple but we believe crucial to our success and they are to:
    • create a comfortable, enjoyable, positive & supportive atmosphere in which members grow to understand to trust each other
    • have a culture of contribution, commitment & responsibility & to bring value to membership
    • behave in such a way that we are valued by & attractive to local business
    • improve members businesses by sharing knowledge & learning from others
    • conduct our affairs in a professional, diligent and transparent manner
    • treat other members with the same high standards one expects to receive & to be honest, courteous, approachable & do what is promised.


Green Business Fund workshop in Bath

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is an energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides direct funded support through energy assessments, training workshops, equipment procurement support and up to £5,000 capital contribution towards your energy saving equipment purchase.

Workshop Details

When: Wednesday 9 May 2018 from 09:00 to 12:00 (GMT)
Where: The Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW
Cost: Free
How to book:

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Bath Clean Air Zones

Bath & NES want to know your thoughts on the concept of the introduction of Clean Air Zones for Bath. They are holding a number of public events to engage with residents and business owners. Find out more about the proposal by going along:

Drop by event
Monday 9th April
4-7 pm
Bottom of Milsom Street, Bath
Open to the public
Pre-bookable event
Wednesday 18th April
3-7 pm
Public surgery
Booking required by Noon, Monday 16 April
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Small Business Annual Membership

Annual Membership

National Business (Independent)

National Independents
Intergenerational Mentoring for Entrepreneurs


Are you thinking of starting a new business? Are you a small business owner looking for help in the early stages of your business? Are you needing some support while your small business goes through some changes?

mentoring / support
support / training
Mentor Training
mentoring / training